Wednesday, 15 December 2010


You should know that we all make mistakes and yeah i've made a huge mistake. But what you guys need to know it making mistakes is what helps us grow !!

Rhiannon. x

Confused :/

Sometimes in life things get rather conplitated and you don't know what to do. If a friend came up to me with the problem that i have at the moment i would tell them to talk to the person and don't worry about what he thinks and if he keeps being stupid then he isn't good enough for you but it's much easier to say it than acyually do it :/

Rhiannon. x

True friends.

True friends are hard to find and at first you don't know whether to trust them or not or it could be the complete oppersite way round and you think that you can trust them with your darkest secret so you make the decision to trust them. I have resently discovered who my true friends are and the ones that will just stab you in the back or the ones that are using you to get to someone else. Discovering all this in one can be rather confusing and your not sure what to do at the time but my advise would be to get a really good friend and ask them if they are you true friend they will tell you what you really need to hear and also help you more than you would think :)

Stay true to who you are !!!

 Rhiannon. x